Friday, November 30, 2012

FREE Men's Gillette Razor and Gillette Shave Gel at HEB

Ok Guys, I found this awesome deal going on right now at HEB. 
They have a Combo Deal right now of Buy ANY Gillette Mac 3 Razors 3ct. 
I believe they are no more than $6 (my HEB has them for $7.47) and you get a FREE Gillette Shave Gel! 
So you need the HEB Yellow coupon for that. 
Now you are going to combine it with the coupon in the picture below that came out this past Sunday in the Proctor and Gamble insert. So it's a BOGO coupon which is awesome cause you get a FREE Razor up to $11.99! WOW! 
So you buy the Razor 3ct for no more than $6 (prices vary from store) and you get a FREE Shave Gel and choose a razor that is UP TO $11.99 just like the coupon says! ;)

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