Thursday, November 8, 2012

Walmart's Black Friday Specials revealed! Plus, get free shipping on Online Specials.

Check out a preview of Walmart's Black Friday Specials! 

Walmart will be doing things a little different this year!  Divided into three events here's a look:

Event 1 starts on November 22 at 8 pm, the Family specials.

Specials on toys, DVDs, bikes so that the family and kids all have something special at great prices at a reasonable hour.

Event 2 kicks off at 10 pm on Nov 22 and is for the gadget die-hards.

A one hour in-stock in-store guarantee of these three amazing specials from 10pm to 11 pm Nov 22 only:
iPad 2 with 16 GB Wifi for $399 plus a $75 Walmart gift card
In-store only special Emerson 32 inch TV for only $148
$38 LG Blu-ray player

Event 3 starts at 5 am on Black Friday November 23:
with more deals on TVs, clothes, jewelry

And most of these deals can be purchased online, so stay tuned and we'll roll them out for you! Full list coming soon.

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