Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sears Photo FREE 10X13 Wall Portrait

Print this Coupon for a FREE Custom Wall Portrait at Sears Photo. There is no session fee. Click HERE

Print this other coupon for a bigger package at only $12.99. You cannot combine these two deals but what you can do is schedule an appointment one month for the first deal and the next month schedule another appointment for the second coupon. 

I have saved alot of money taking pictures at Sears, I have even had a FREE 20X20 Family Portrait (worth $200) in the past. 

When I go take pictures at Sears I only use coupons and only get what the coupon offers. The photographer will take many poses and you're going to love them all but don't buy their expensive packages. 
Instead, they will give you a session number where you can view all pictures online. 
Register online at www.searsportrait.com to get awesome deals e-mailed to you when they have as low as $3.99 sheets or even FREE 10X13. This is when I take advantage and buy all the sheets and poses I didn't buy at the time of the shoot. This is how I save alot in photos for my family. 

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