Monday, November 17, 2014

Under Armour Module and Chest Strap $27.59, reg. $99.99

Tracks your heart reate, calories, real-time intensity, willpower.
Plus it is compatible with iPhones 4 and up!
Sign up to Ebates to get $70 off plus 8% cashback plus Free Shipping!
So here's what you do:
Go to Ebates here and sign up, it's free.
Once you have signed up go to search and type in Under Armour and it will show you a coupons and cashback link. Click on orange oval circle that says Shop Now.
This will direct you straight to Under Armour Website and on search type in Armour39 Module & Chest Strap.
Add to your cart and on Extras add Promo Code MMFSAVE70 and it will deduct $70 off your cart.
Plus Free Shipping.
Checkout and pay and you will get your 8% cashback on your Ebates account.
I paid $27.59!
This is an awesome deal!
Perfect Gift for Christmas.

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