Wednesday, October 28, 2015

One in a Million


Yesterday Tuesday October 27th I visited my doctor because I had been menstruating for 3 weeks, with cramps,  headaches and bloating. I had made the appointment to remove my Paragard IUD. But after a urine analysis the doctor said I was pregnant. They had done the test twice. She told me I had to rush to the emergency room right then and there because if the baby was in Fallopian tube it could burst and I would bleed internally. So I drove myself to the hospital. When I got to the hospital I was taken in immediately for tests. The staff at the emergency room was so nice. I can't thank them enough. The ER doctor said that after seeing my sonogram results it was confirmed that I had an ectopic pregnancy. He said there was actually no baby formed only cells. He said that I was one in a million to get pregnant on the Paragard. He also said he's been at ER for 10 years and has never treated anyone with it before. He said he'd only read it in books. The OBGYN doctor  came in and said I would have my right Fallopian tube removed and the Paragard. After a 45 minute surgery the doctor showed us pictures of my fallopian tube, it was the size of my uterus ready to burst. If I would've waited longer and I would've bled internally and probably not here to tell you my story. I am thankful and blessed for everyone that took care of me at the Hospital. I am thankful to my wonderful and most patient husband Tony, my mom who rushed to be with me, my second parents Laura and Guero, my friend Tina who was there first at the emergency room with me, and GOD above all. All I have to do now is rest. 

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