Wednesday, February 3, 2016

HEB Deals This Week 2/3-2/9

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HEB Weekly Deals 2/3-2/9

-Large Hass Avocados $.98ea. 
-Extra Large Grapefruit Navel Oranges $.98lb. 
-Red Bell Peppers or Texas Spinach $.98ea. 
-Blueberries pint $2.77ea. 
-HEB Bella Mandarins 3lbs. $3.98ea. 
-Red or Gold Potatoes 5lbs. 2 for $5
-Matchstix Carrots 10oz. or Whole White Mushrooms 8oz. 2 for $3
-Key Limes 2lbs. $1.98ea. 
-Organic Fuji Apples $1.98lb. 
-Organic Large Hass Avocados $1.25ea. 

Meats & Seafood
-Beef T-Bone Steaks $5.97lb. 
-Pork Baby Back Ribs or St. Louis Style Pork Spareribs $2.97lb. 
-Hill Country Fare Chicken Drumsticks or Thighs value pack $1lb. 
-HEB Seasoned Boneless, Skinless Chicken Thighs or Breasts for Fajitas $1.97lb. 
-1/3lb. Fresh! HEB Prime 1 Beef Burgers 2 for $6
-Ground Chuck 80% Lean USDA Select Club Pack $2.97lb. 
-Eckrich Smoked Sausage 30-42oz. 2 for $10
-HEB Natural Cubed Cheese 8oz. 2 for $4
-Jumbo Raw White Shrimp 16-25ct. 
-Snow Crab Clusters 5-8oz. $5.97lb. 

Large Image
Deal Idea only if you have a $3 off any $10 purchase Colgate-Palmolive Catalina from last week:
Buy (7) Armour LunchMakers $1ea. 
Buy (2) Armour LunchMaker with Drink $1.88ea. 
Total $10.76
Use (1) $3 Catalina
Use (2) Buy 3 Armour LunchMakers get 1 Armour Lunch Maker with Drink in-store coupon
Pay $4 for all 9 items or $.44ea. 

Meal Deal
Buy Oscar Mayer Beef or Selects Angus Beef Franks 14-15oz. $4.48ea.
and Kraft Shredded Natural Cheese 7-8oz. $2.67ea.
-Get Free Pete's Big Time Crunch 9oz. 
-Heinz Yellow Mustard 8oz. 
-Heinz Tomato Ketchup 20oz. 
-HEB Soft Drink 2L btl. 
Piggyback (1) $1/1 Oscar Mayer Selects Hot Dogs 1/31 SS
and if you have a $3 Catalina that you received in last week's promotion, details here, piggyback it on the Kraft Cheese and pay $3.15 for all 6 items or $.52ea. 
Large Image

Combo Loco Deals
Buy 2 Hillshire Farm Cocktail Smokies 12-14oz. 
-Get Free Four Escobars Barbecue Sauce 18oz. 
Piggyback (1) $.55/1 Hillshire Lit'l Smokies 1/31 RP

Buy HEB Pure Cane Sugar Soft Drinks 12pk. 12oz. 
-Get Free HEB Cheese Balls, Puffs or Crunch

Buy Mark's Good Stuff Salsa 16oz. 
-Get Free Mark's Good Stuff BBQ Sauce 14oz. 

Buy ChefStyle 4 Piece Fry Pan & Griddle Set 
-Get Free HEB Breakfast Sausage 16oz. 
-HEB Pancake & Waffle Mix 32oz. 
-Hill Country Fare Syrup 24oz. 

Buy 1 Langers Chilled Juice 14oz. 
-Get 2nd Free

Buy Fish Taco Mahi Chunks 16oz. 
-Get Free HEB Shredded Cabbage 8oz. 
-HEB Cilantro Cotija or Creamy Avocado Sauce 3oz. 

Buy Wright Bacon 24oz. 
-Get Free Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits 8ct. 
-Yoplait Greek 100 Whips or Greek 100 Yogurt 4pk. 
Piggyback (1) $1/1 Wright Bacon 1/31 RP

Buy Kiolbassa Smoked Sausage value pack
-Get Free Bush's Best Baked or Grillin Beans
-KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce 17-18oz. 

Buy HEB Mayo or Whip Salad Dressing 11oz. 
-Get Free HEB Baked Shop Texas Sized Hamburger Buns 8ct. 

Buy Litehouse Salad Dressing 12-13oz. 
-Get Free HEB Celery Sticks 20oz. 

Buy HEB Children's Ibuprofen Liquid 4oz. 
-Get Free HEB Children's Diphenhydramine Allergy Liquid 4oz. 

Buy HEB Dandruff Shampoo, Conditioner, or 2 in 1 
-Get Free Hill Country Essentials Mesh Sponge

Buy 2 HEB Frozen Sauced Vegetables 10-12oz. 
Get 3rd Free

Buy Nutella Hazelnut Spread
-Get Free Thomas Original English Muffins 6ct. 
-American Children's Book

Buy HEB 15 Liter Bucket
-Get Free HEB Mop Wringer

Buy HEB Cotton Swabs 500ct. 
-Get Free VanaPain Liquid Pain Relief or TexaClear Allergy Relief

Piggyback (1) $1.00 off 2 M&M'S, DOVE, SNICKERS, or TWIX Brands
Pay $4.96 for all 3 items or $1.65ea. 

Buy Zapp's Kettle Style Potato Chips 5oz. 
-Get 2nd Free

Buy HEB Easy Melt 32oz. 
-Get Free Rotel Diced Tomatoes 10oz. and Wolf Brand Chilli No Beans 19oz. 
Large Image

Buy 2 HEB Wavy Potato Chips 11oz. 
-Get Free HEB Flavored Dip 15-16oz. 
Large Image

Buy HEB Fiber Cereal 13.4oz. 
-Get Free HEB Old Fashioned or Quick Oats 18oz. 

Deal Idea:
Buy (4) Skinner Pastas 12oz. $.98ea. 
Total $3.92
Use (2) Buy Skinner Pasta get 2nd Free with in-store coupon
Piggyback (1) $1/2 Skinner Pasta 12/6 SS
Pay $.96 for all 4 or $.24ea. 

Buy 2 Nabisco Oreo Cookies 10.1-15.3oz. $2.98ea. 
Get Free HEB Party Size Chips with in-store coupon
Piggyback (1) $1/2 Oreo Cookies from here use zip code 90210
Pay $4.96 for all 3 or $1.65ea. 

Large Image
Buy 2 Red Baron Classic Crust or Brick Oven Pizzas 17.89-23.45oz.  $3.48ea.
Get 3rd Free
Piggyback (1) $1/2 Red Baron Pizzas 1/31 SS
Pay $5.96 for all 3 or $1.98ea. 

DiGiorno Frozen Rising, Thin, Garlic Bread or Pizzeria! Crust Pizza 14-34.2oz. $4.98ea.  
Save $1 with in-store coupon (use 2)
Piggyback (1) Buy 2 Digiorno Pizza get One Free 1/31 RP
Final $2.65ea. 
Large Image

Buy 2 Apco Chorty Chorizo 10oz. 
-Get Free HEB Mi Comida Queso Fresco 8oz. 

Buy HEB Fully Cooked Burgers 8pk. 
-Get Free HEB Ketchup 20oz. 

Buy Jennie-O Ground Turkey 16oz. 
-Get Free Jennie-O Bacon 12oz. 

Health & Beauty
Deal Idea:
Buy (1) L'Oreal Paris True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation $10.97ea. 
Buy (1) L'Oreal Makeup Towelettes 25ct. $4.97ea. 
Total $15.94
Use (1) $5 off any L'Oreal Cosmetics in-store coupon
Use (1) $4/1 L'Oreal Paris True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation 1/24 SS
Pay $6.94 for both or $3.47ea. 

Deal Idea:
Buy (4) L'Oreal Shampoo or Conditioner 12.6oz. $3.97ea. 
Total $15.88
Use (1) $5 off any $15+ L'Oreal in-store coupon
Use (1) Buy 2 L'Oreal Shampoo or Conditioner and get One Free SS 1/24 (this is a manufacturer's coupon and you cannot piggyback another manufacturer or an HEB yellow coupon)
You are using 1 coupon per item. 
Pay $6.91 for all 4 items or $1.72ea. 

Save $2.50 with in-store coupon on any Revlon Face, Lip or Eye Cosmetic retail value of $3.50+

Buy any one Olay Facial Skin Care Product
Get 50% off 2nd of equal or lesser value with in-store coupon

Buy one Garnier Skin Active Skin Care Product
-Get 50% off 2nd equal or lesser value with in-store coupon 

Large Image
Buy HEB Baby Plus Pack Diapers 100-160ct. $24.97
Get Free Nestle Nido Kinder 1+ Powdered Milk

Go here for Huggies, Pullups, and Goodnites Catalina promotion beginning 2/3
Grab a pack of Huggies Jumbo pack for as low as $3.96

Deal Idea:
Buy (2) Cetaphil Baby Products $5.97ea. 
Total $11.94
Use (1) B1G1 50% Off Cetaphil in-store coupon
Piggyback (1) $2/1 Cetaphil Baby Product 1/3 SS
Pay $6.95 for both or $3.47ea. 

Buy Hill Country Essentials Foam Plates 180ct. 
-Get Free Hill Country Fare Clear or Party! Plastic Cups 50ct., 16oz. 

-Buy Gain Liquid 48-64loads or Powder Laundry Detergent 63-80lds. 
-Get Free Clorox Liquid Concentrated Bleach, Bleach Crystals, or Bleach Packs 
Piggyback (1)  $1.00 off ONE Gain Laundry Detergent OR (1) $2/1 Gain Detergent from February P&G 1/24
Large Image
Deal Idea only if you have a $3 on any $10+ purchase Colgate Palmolive Catalina from last week:
Buy (1) Gain POWDER Laundry Detergent 91 loads $10.47
Buy (1) Clorox Liquid Concentrated Bleach 116-121oz. $3.97ea. 
Total $14.44
Use $3 Colgate Palmolive Catalina
Use (1) Buy Gain Powder Laundry Detergent get Free Clorox Liquid Bleach with in-store coupon
Pay $7.47 for both or $3.73ea. 

Another Deal Idea:
Buy Gain Liquid Detergent $8.97ea.
Buy (1) Clorox Liquid Bleach $3.97ea. 
Buy (1) Clorox Wipes TO GO 9ct. $.98ea. 
Total $13.92
Use $3 Catalina on any $10+ Purchase
Piggyback (1)  $1.00 off ONE Gain Laundry Detergent OR (1) $2/1 Gain Detergent 1/24 P&G Insert
Use (1) Buy Gain Detergent get Free Clorox product with in-store coupon
Pay as low as $4.95 for all 3 items!

Unilever Catalina Promotion

Unilever Catalina Promotion Begins January 27th, 2016 and ends on February 9th, 2016

Purchase $15+ of Unilever items between January 27th  and February 9th and get back a $5 Coupon/Catalina at checkout for future use.

Remember that you can use Manufacturer's Coupons to lower your out of pocket (before coupons total).

If you use HEB B Savings Coupons (yellow coupons) your total is after.

If you purchase $30+ in Colgate-Palmolive  items you will not get 2 $5 Coupon/Catalina you will only get 1 so do separate transactions.

Also at checkout make sure your cashier hits total and then hand over manufacturer coupons and see $5 coupon/catalina print.
Coupon/Catalina cannot be rolled and you can only use on dates stated on coupon which are 2/10-2/25

If your coupon/catalina DOES NOT print and your ABSOLUTELY SURE you have $10+ in Colgate-Palmolive items take your receipt, items and weekly ad to Customer Service so they can verify and print one for you.
You cannot roll your $5 coupon/catalina on a current Unilever deal. 

Compra $15 o mas en productos Unilever entre dias del 27 de enero al 9 de febrero y recibe una catalina de $5 al pagar para usar en los dias de 10 de febrero al 25 de febrero.

Recuerda que puedes usar cupones manufacturados (periodico o imprimidos) para que tu total sea mucho menos mas y ahorres mas!

Si usas los cupones de HEB, amarillos, tu total seria antes de los $15 y no despues como en los cupones manufacturados.

Si compras $30 o mas solo va imprimir una catalina de $5 y no dos asi esque tendrias que hacerlo separado. 

Tambien cuando estes en la registradora asegurate que tu cajero oprima el boton de subtotal y para que tu catalina imprima y despues le das todos tus cupones.

Recuerda que la catalina de $5 que imprime solo la puedes usar en las fechas de , no se pueden volver a usar a otra transaccion similar.

La catalina de $5 solo la puedes usar cuando compres mas de $10 en tu mandando excluyendo licor y cigarros.

Si tu catalina de $5 no imprime y estas COMPLETAMENTE SEGURO (A) que compraste $10 o mas en productos Unilever lleva tu recibo y canasta inmediatamente a servicio al cliente para que ellos te impriman. Tu cajero no va poder imprimir y asi no detienes la linea detras de ti.

For more info on HEB Catalinas go here 

Scenario #1
Buy (6) Q-Tips $2.98ea.
Total $17.88
Get back $5 Unilever Catalina

That's $12.88 for all 6 or $2.14ea.

Scenario #2
Buy (4) Suave Shampoo Essentials 30oz. $2.88ea. 
Buy (4) Suave Deodorant 1.4oz. $.97ea. 
Total $15.40
Use (4) Buy Suave Shampoo or Conditioner 30oz. get Free Suave Deodorant 1.4oz. with in-store coupon
Pay $6.52 for all 8 items or $.81ea. 

Scenario #3
Buy (4) Degree for Men Antiperspirant 2.7oz. $2.47ea. 
Buy (2) Noxzema Triple Blade Disposable Razors 4ct. $2.98ea. 
Total $15.84
Use (2)  $2.00 off TWO Degree Men Deodorants
OR (4)  $1.00 off ONE Degree Men Deodorant
Use (2) $2/1 Noxzema 4 Blade 1/31 RP
Pay $7.84 and get back a $5 Unilever Catalina
That's $2.84 for all 6 items or $.47ea. 

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