Wednesday, March 16, 2016

HEB Deals This Week 3/16-3/22

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HEB Weekly Deals 3/16-3/22

-Minneola Tangelos or Extra Large Navel Oranges $.77lb.
-Cantaloupe $.98ea.
-Ataulfo Mangos 2 for $1
-Blackberries 6oz. $1.98ea.
-Zucchini Squash or Sweet Onions $1.17lb.
-Red Bell Peppers or Hot House Cucumbers $.98ea.
-HEB Zeema or Angel Sweet Tomatoes, pint $2.50ea.
-Red or Gold Potatoes 5lbs. $2.77ea.
-HEB Organics Strawberries 1lb. $2.98ea.
-Organic Bananas $.64lb.

Meats & Seafood
-Boston Butt Pork Roast $1lb.
-HEB Mi Comida Seasoned Boneless Skinless Chicken Leg Meat for Fajitas $1lb.
-Hill Country Fare Split Chicken Breasts $1lb.
-Chicken Drumsticks $1lb.
-Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.99lb.
-Premium Corned Beef Brisket $3.47lb.
-Hill Country Fare Smoked Sliced Bacon or HEB Breakfast Sausage 16oz. 2 for $5
-Bar S Franks $.77ea.
-Large Raw Wild Gulf Texas Shrimp $5.97lb.
-Atlantic Salmon Fillets $5.97lb.

Meal Deal
HEB Spiral Sliced Bone-in Half or Whole Ham, or HEB Boneless Spiral Sliced Ham, or HEB Smokehouse Fully Cooked Brisket
-Mark's Good Stuff BBQ Sauce 14oz.
-HEB Baked Beans 28oz.
-HEB Green Beans or Broccoli Florets 12oz.
-HEB Pure Cane Sugar Soft Drinks 12pk.
-HEB Classic Selections Cobbler 32oz.
-Cobblestone Sweet Party Rolls 16ct.
-Jiffy Foil Giant Oval or Rectangular Foil Pan
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Combo Loco Deals
Buy HEB Fully Cooked Chicken Breast Chunks 24oz. 
-Get Free HEB Cheese Puffs or Balls
-HEB Flyin' Saucy Wing Sauce

Buy Hillshire Farm Lunchmeat 7-9oz. 
-Get Free Pete's Big Time Crunch

Buy (2) Gatorade or Gatorade G2
-Get Free Quaker Chewy Granola Bar or Dipps 14-18ct. 

Buy Red Bull Energy Drink 4pk. 
-Get Free Hill Country Fare Deli Style Mustard or Homestyle Potato Salad

Buy (2) Quaker Life Cereals 11oz. 
-Get Free Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice 6pk. 
If you have WIC you can get all 3 FREE!

Buy Totino's Pizza Rolls 90ct. 
-Get Free Breyer's Ice Cram 48oz. 

Buy HEB Bake Shop Wheat Hamburger Buns 8ct.
-Get Free HEB Organics Mustard 9oz.

Buy Mann's Snacking Favorites Tray 15.7-23oz.
-Get Free American Children's Book

Buy any Orchid Skin Care Product
-Get Free Orchid Hand Soap or Sanitizer 8oz.

Buy Marie's Salad Dressing 11.5-12oz.
-Get Free Monterey Mushrooms Whole White Mushrooms 16oz.

Buy Eckrich Smoked Sausage 10-14oz. 
-Get Free Mountain Dew 2L
-Ranch Style Beans 15oz. 

Buy Kraft Parmesan Cheese 8oz. $3.72ea. 
-Get Free HEB Fully Cooked Meatballs 14oz. 
Piggyback (1)  $0.75 off any ONE (1) KRAFT Grated Parmesan Cheese
Pay $2.97 for both!

Buy Canada Dry Ginger Ale 12pk. 
-Get Free HEB Kettle Cooked Chips

Buy Bolthouse Farms Salad Dressing 14oz. 
-Get Free Bolthouse Farms Baby-Cut Carrots 16oz. 

Buy Prilosec OTC Delayed-Release Acid Reducer Tablets 42ct. $23.88ea. 
-Get Free Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste5.3oz. $2.97ea. 
This is part of the P&G Catalina Promotion
Deal Idea:
Buy (2) Prilosec OTC Delayed-Release Acid Reducer Tablets 42ct. $23.88
Buy (2) Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste 5.3oz. $2.97ea. 
Total $53.70
Use (2) Buy Prilosec Get Free Crest Toothpaste in-store coupon
Piggyback (1)  $5.00 off TWO Prilosec OTC 42 ct. Products
$42.76 and get back a $10 P&G Catalina
That's a final price of $32.76 for all 4 items!
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Buy Tyson Chicken Nuggets, Patties, Tenders or Country Fried Steak Fingers 20-32oz. 
-Get Free State Fair Corn Dogs 5-6ct. or Mini Corn Dogs 14ct. 
Piggyback (1) $1/1 Tyson Chicken Nugges 2/14 RP

Buy 2 HEB Tortilla Chips 14oz. 
-Get Free HEB Thick N Chunky Salsa 16oz. 
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Buy 1 Trident, Dentyne or Stride Gum Multipack 3ct. 
-Get 2nd Free!
Large Image

Buy 1 Imperial Supper Miracle Bubbles 16oz. 
-Get 2nd Free!
Large Image

Buy Hot Wheels Nestle Candy Vehicle 
-Get Free Nestle Mix-Ups Scrambled Easter Egg 6oz. 
Large Image

Buy Rubbermaid 1.5 Gallon Cereal Keeper
-Get Free 2 HEB Honey Nut Toasted Oats or Toasted Oats Cereal

Large Image

Health & Beauty

HEB 3/9/-3/15~
Buy $20 worth of any Garnier Hair Care, Hair Color or Skin Care Product and get $10 off with in-store coupon

Deal Idea:
Buy (5) Garnier Hair Shampoos or Conditioner $2.96ea. 
Buy (2) Garnier Stylers $3.47ea. 
Total $21.74
Use (1) $10 off any $20+ Garnier Hair Care Purchase in-store coupon (this coupon attaches to one product-- one coupon per item as stated in HEB Coupon Policy)
Use (4) $2/1 Garnier Shampoo, Conditioner, or Treatment 3/6 RP (limit 4)
Use (2) $2/1 Garnier Stylers 3/6 RP
That's a $.26 Moneymaker that goes towards your cart as stated in HEB Coupon Policy!

Save 40% on any Revlon Cosmetic, Beauty Tool or Cosmetic Brush with in-store coupon
This coupon cannot be stacked with a manufacturer or another in-store coupon

Save $2 when you buy any 2 Milani Cosmetic Products with in-store coupon

Buy one Cetaphil Skin Care Product or Towelettes 25ct.
-Get 50% off 2nd of equal or lesser value

Buy HEB Decadent European Cake Mix 189.4-22.8oz.
-Get Free ChefStyle 9'' Round or Square Cake pan

Buy Rubbermaid Party Serving Kit
-Get Free HEB Cupcakes 12ct.

Buy HEB Our Finest Paper Towels 8-12rolls
-Get Free Windex Trigger Spray Cleaner 26-32oz. 

Buy Clorox Scrub Singles 12-14ct. $2.97ea. 
-Get Free Clorox Liquid or Clinging Bleach Gel Toilet Bowl Cleaner 24oz. 
Piggyback (1) $.50/1 Clorox Scrub Singles 2/28 SS
OR (1)  $1.00 off any two Clorox branded products (when you buy 2 Scrub Singles)
Pay as low as $2.47 for both!

Buy (1) Clorox Toilet Wand Caddy Starter Kit $8.48ea. 
-Get Free Clorox Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner 30oz. or Bleach Foamer
Pay $7.23 for both!

Buy O-Cel-O Scrub Sponges 3pk. 
-Get Free Clorox Pump N Clean Cleaner 12oz. 

Buy (2) Glade Candles 3.4-3.8oz. 
-Get 3rd Free 
Piggyback (1) $1/2 Glade Candles 2/7 SS

Buy Green Works Spray Cleaner 24-32oz. $2.84ea. 
-Get Free Green Works Original or Free & Clear Dishwashing Liquid
Piggyback (1) $.75/1 Green Works Printable Coupon from here 
Pay $2.09 for both!
Large Image

Buy HEB Jumbo Cotton Deck Mop
-Get Free HEB 2-in-1 Angle Broom

Buy Sterilite White Large 2 Piece Sink Set
-Get Free Sterilite White 18 Quart Dish Pan

Buy Finish Powerball Automatic Dishwasher Detergent Tablets 60ct. 
-Get Free Finish Jet-Dry Rinse Aid 16oz. 

Buy (1) Palmolive Original or Orange Dish Liquid 38oz. $3.42ea.
-Get Free Clorox Liquid Concentrated Bleach 55-64oz. 
OR (1) $.50/1 Palmolive Dish Liquid 3/6 SS
OR (1) $.25/1 Palmolive Dish Liquid  3/6 SS
Pay as low as $2.92 for both!

Buy Glad Trash Bags 25-90ct. $8.46ea.
-Get Clorox Disinfecting Wipes 70-75ct. ($4.63ea.)
OR (1) Glad with Febreze 1/3 SS
Pay $7.46 for both!
Large Image
Deal Idea:
Buy (2) Glad Trash Bags 25-90ct. $8.46ea.
Buy (2) Clorox Disinfecting Wipes 70-75ct. ($4.63ea.)
Buy (1) Green Works Spray Cleaner 24-32oz. $2.84ea. 
Buy (1) Green Works Original or Free & Clear Dishwashing Liquid $2.98
Total $32
Use (2) Buy Glad Trash Bags get Free Clorox Disinfecting Wipes with in-store coupon
Use (1) $10 off any $30+ P&G Catalina from last week's deal (this will attach to one Glad Trash bags)
OR (1) Glad with Febreze 1/3 SS
Use (1) Buy Green Works Spray Cleaner get Free Green Works Dishwashing Liquid in-store coupon
Piggyback (1) $.75/1 Green Works Printable Coupon from here 
Pay $8.01 for all 6 items or $1.33ea.

Large Image
Deal Idea only if you have a $10 P&G Catalina
Buy (2) American Plastic Spring Wagon or Bucket or HEB Shopping Cart valued at $8
Get Free 6 items listed times 2
Total $32
Use $10 P&G Catalina
Use (2) HEB in-store coupons
Pay $6 for all 14 items
That's 2 Easter baskets!

Deal Idea #2:
Buy American Plastic Spring Bucket $8
Buy Frozen Elsa or Anna Dolls $5 Sale (may not have at all stores)
Buy Holiday Market Easter Grass
Buy Easter Peeps
Buy Brainstorm Micro Kite
Buy Licensed Mini Puzzle in Tin
Buy Licensed Deck of Playing Card
Buy Imperial Super Miracle Bubbles
Total $21
Use (1) Buy American Plastic Spring Wagon get 6 Free Items listed with in-store coupon
                                Pay $10 for all!          

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