Wednesday, June 8, 2016

HEB~ $3 Off any Meat Purchase Deal!

This evening I visited my local HEB Plus in Corpus Christi, and I found these $3 off any meat purchase coupons or hangtags when you purchase a jar of Bolner's FIESTA Brand Spices. They were hanging on some St. Genevive wine bottles. The coupon says you do not have to purchase the wine. Remember Texas does not allow any type of coupons on liquor, were not lucky like other states. :P
So I found 2 Bolner's FIESTA Spices on Clearance for $1.75 and bought one.
I was pretty lucky to find a pound of ground beef packaged for $3.84, and after the coupon I paid $.84! Woop! Woop!
If you find this coupon you can also piggyback it on the current deal on burger meat value pack (pictured below).
Look for these coupons at your local HEB store and I believe you can also find them at Walmart hanging on the wine bottles.
Please be courteous and don't grab all the coupons from the bottles.

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