Thursday, July 7, 2016

HEB~ Coca-Cola Catalina Promotion Drinks as low as $.27ea.

UPDATE: In today's Smartsource insert 7/10, this ad on the current Coca-Cola Catalina came out and in the bottom it says that the participating products are :
-Coca-Cola 12pack 12oz. cans,
-8pack 7.5oz. cans,
-6pack 8oz. glass bottles,
-6pack .5L bottles,
-8pack 12oz. bottles,
-1.25L and
-2 Liter bottles.
The catalina will only print on these items listed. I know some followers told me that they received a catalina when they purchased Powerade and Dasani. I am thinking they asked a manager to have them print for them but it did not actually print at checkout because they did not confirm how they were able to get it.
HEB has a NEW Catalina Promotion currently active on top of the current P&G Catalina Promotion that ends on July 12th.
I could not find in-store or on the current ad advertised so I am just going to make a couple deals on the simplest Coca-Cola drinks.  I'm hoping it will work on Powerade since they are Coca-Cola products but will have to try to find out. In the mean time here is the info.
Coca-Cola Catalina begins 7/6-7/19 and you will get a $5 Catalina at checkout when you purchase $15 or more on select Coca-Cola products.

Deal Idea #1:
Buy (3) Coca-Cola 12pk. 12oz. cans assorted, $4.47ea.
(this is my stores price---check yours on HEB App)
Buy (2) Coca-Cola 1.25L bottles $1.07ea.
Total $15.55
Get back a $5 Catalina
That's a final price of $10.55 for all 38 drinks or $.27ea.

Deal Idea #2
Buy (4) Coca-Cola Original Formula 8pk. 7.5oz. Cans, assorted 4 for $10
Buy (5) Coca-Cola 1.25L bottles $1.07ea.
Total $15.35 and get back a $5 Catalina at checkout
That's a final price of $10.35 for all 37 drinks or $.28ea.


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