Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fiesta Seasoning and Beef Skirt $4.09 for both!

I spotted a $2 off any Skirt or Beef Steak and Bolner's Fiesta Brand Fajita or Steak Seasoning hang tag coupon next to the Fiesta Spices at my HEB. 
So here's how I used it.
I bought a Bolner's Fiesta Steak Seasoning for $2.08ea.
and a Beef Inside Skirt Steak Tenderized in the Meat Department for $4.01
The total for both was $6.09 and after my $2 coupon I paid $4.09 for both!
That's is a super awesome deal!
I don't guarantee that the hang tag coupons will be at your HEB Grocery Store so Your Mileage May Vary.

The $2 Beef and Fiesta Seasoning Coupon does not have a size restriction on the Steak or Fajita Seasoning so this $.88 Fiesta Fajita Seasoning is perfect for this deal as well and gives you overage towards your meat package. 
Remember that HEB's policy has an overage towards your cart if the value of the coupon is more than what the item cost. In this case $1 for this $.88 Seasoning.

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