About Me

Hi and Welcome to my Coupon Savings Blog!
My name is Melissa Jimenez and I'm a Couponer/Budget Saver. 
I have been married to my wonderful husband for 5 years and we have 3 beautiful daughters ages 13, 4, and 3. After we got married and while expecting my second daughter I quit my full time job and decided to stay at home with my daughters. 
In order to do that, I needed to help my husband out with the expenses, and so I researched on how to coupon and learned quickly. 
After I started getting a stockpile of my own, I wanted to share with others and help them learn how to coupon.
Most of my friends learned quickly, and now they are experts and have their own stockpile. One thing I hated doing was repeating to friends how to coupon and so this is how my Coupon Savings Blog was born. ;)
I have 2 Full-Time Jobs at home and I go to school because I am pursuing my Child Development Degree. Our daughter's have extra curricular activities like Soccer, Tennis, Track, and Sunday School. We love going to the beach in the summer and driving Ocean Drive once in a while when the weather is at it's best. 
I am located in Corpus Christi (Selenaville or Corpitos), raised in Laredo, Texas (Bordertown/Best Mexican Food) and born in San Antonio (Home of the NBA Champions Spurs). 

Follow me and I will show you how you can start couponing.
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Please feel free to ask questions.


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    1. You can go to the Home Page and add your email on Follow by Email, or on Facebook under Melissa's Qpn Bargains, Facebook Group HEB Couponers, Instagram @melissasqpnbargains

  2. Melisssa can we purchase the inserts from you?

    1. I don't sell inserts. I buy the newspaper every Sunday.