Start Couponing

When I first started couponing I bought 5 newspaper every Sunday. I purchase my newspapers from a local convinience store such as Stripes. Check for inserts before purchasing the newspaper.
Then I quickly started orginizing in my 3in ring binder that I got at Target with coupons like this one. I used the baseball card inserts  that Target has and I also used plastic dividers to label all my sections into, Baby, Bathroom, Condiments, Canned, Frozen, Hygeine, etc.
Every Sunday after I get my coupons I cut, staple and organize them inside the Baseball card insert plastic sheets.
I look for deals on the weekly ads that the newspaper has and then I match with the coupons I have and start doing a scenario.

I shop at HEB Grocery mostly because they specialize in just that, Groceries! Plus I hate wasting my gas on going store to store and ending up finding the shelves empty. So what I recommend is having all your coupons cut and organized and making your list on stores you plan on visiting each week. Best if you plan on Sunday.

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  1. Great idea. Thanks for the advice. I have always been fascinated with the couponing show and have always wanted to try it.