HEB is my favorite grocery store because they specialize in just that, groceries!
Here is a new and revised copy of their coupon policy updated April 6th 2015.
One of the the best deals I love about HEB is their combo deals and the Buy X item, get X item free. 
HEB does not allow stacking a Manufacturer's coupon with an HEB coupon.
For example: HEB has a $.50 off yellow coupon on Folger's Coffee and you have a Manufacturer's Coupon (newspaper or printable) for $.50, you cannot stack them and save $1. You can only use either one.

However, on a Buy X get X Free HEB coupon you are allowed to use a Manufacturer's Coupon (Printable or Newspaper) on the item you are purchasing but not on the one you get Free. 
For example: HEB has a Buy GM Cinammon Toast Crunch Cereal get Free Betty Crocker Fruit by the Foot. You are allowed to use a Manufacturer's Coupon on the GM Cinammon Toast Crunch Cereal but not on the Fruit by the Foot because you are getting it for Free. This is commonly known as Piggybacking. These are my favorite deals at HEB. 

HEB added in their policy 2 new items in March 2014: 
-If  the face value of an HEB coupon exceeds the price of a qualifying item, only the retail price of the item may be applied. Cash back is not permitted. This means that if you have a coupon for $1 and your item costs $.80 then the remainder of the $.20 will go towards your cart. 
-Also, if you have a Manufacturer issued coupon (newspaper or printable)  including those with Competitor Logos (like a Walmart sign on the lower left side of a printable coupon) will be accepted as stated in their policy.
So don't let your cashier tell you otherwise. Always have a printed copy of the policy handy with you!

April 2016 HEB introduced Digital Coupons, go here to see a short video.

Here's some of the most asked questions about Digital Coupons. 

You can only use 1 Digital Coupon per account on 1 item.

Can I use a Digital Coupon and a Manufacturer Coupon on 1 item? No, HEB does not allow stacking. You would have to use on 2 items. If you try to use both on 1 item the system will reject your Digital Coupon because the cashier will scan the HEB in-store/Manufactuer coupon on the item.

Can I use a Digital Coupon on a Combo Deal Coupon?
Yes as long as you use the Digital Coupon on the item you are purchasing NOT on the item you get Free.
HEB Combo Deal Buy Knorr Bouillon 2lbs. $4.98ea. Get Free White Rice 1lb. and a Knorr Rice Bouillon Seasoning.
Use $1/1 Knorr Bouillon Digital Coupon and in-store coupon for Combo Deal

These 2 coupons are a Manufacturer Buy One Get One Free and the other is a $1.50/1 product Manufacturer coupon. You cannot use these 2 coupons to buy 2 items. It is not allowed because companies do not get paid. If you use these 2 coupons you would need to purchase 3 items and not 2. 
Read other bloggers issue on this method here, here, and here

Now if you have a Manufacturer's BOGO Free Couopon and HEB has an in-store coupon to piggyback then you can use it. 
I had to call HEB Customer Service on this one on 2/12/2016 because I had been getting a lot of questions about this. Both my store in Corpus Christi and HEB Customer Service 210-938-8357, spoke to Terry, told me that yes it can be piggybacked onto a Manufacturer's BOGO Free coupon.
This is not specified on the coupon policy but I am sure it will be in the near future.

You can use these Threshold Coupons $5/$15 with any Manufacturer's Coupons as long as you use 1 coupon per item. 
Example: Buy 5 L'Oreal Shampoos that total $15+
Use (1) $5/$15 L'Oreal Threshold Coupon
Use (4) $4/1 L'Oreal Manufacturer's Coupons (Printable or from Newspaper)
That is 5 coupons with 5 items. 
If you use 5 Manufacturer's and 1 Threshold then that is stacking.
Coupon Policy says ONE Coupon per item.
This has been approved by CSM's in South Texas.

Print Coupons Here 
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From time to time there are deals like buy $30 of Proctor and Gamble items in the store and get a $10 Catalina for future use in the store. 

These are also my favorite deals because you can use coupons and get back in store credit for future use and then use that credit with coupons to save even more.

What is a Catalina?
A Catalina or Coupon looks like the picture above. They print out at HEB after you pay and the cashier hands to you along with your receipt.

How can I use my P&G Catalinas?
These Catalinas can only be used during a certain period which is generally a 2 week period. Dates are on Catalina on fine print and you can only be used on a purchase of $30 or more only. 
For more info on how to get a P&G Catalina go here. 
You cannot use 1, 2, 3 or more in a same transaction.
So let me give you an example, I have 3 $10 off any $30+ Catalinas and I will use 1 to buy $30 or more in meat, chicken, or seafood and use 1 $10 Catalina so that I can pay $20 for different meats. What I like to do is buy a package of $7 hamburgers, a package of $4 Salmon, a $5 whole chicken until I reach my $30.
Next Catalina I like to use on Combo Deals because I can pinch my pennies even more like this one. The final Catalina I use on the rest of my shopping trip that I do or do not have coupons for. Just as long as I break my shopping cart into 3 different transactions with all my Catalinas ready with coupons, I will always have a successful shopping trip. 
If you will be using more than 1 catalina in a trip I suggest you let your cashier know you will be doing x amount of transactions and that you have a handful of coupons ready. Also be courteous to those in back of you and let them know you will be doing x amount of transactions and using a handful of coupons so that they won't be upset that your transactions are taking more than they thought they would spent at checkout. I have had many thank me and leave to another checkout and others say they want to see my savings so they stay.

Before I go to HEB, I like to make a list of the items I will need and check their ad on their website. I also go by my coupon book to get out all the coupons I will be needing and put them together with my list because I like to be organized when I go to the store and hand over my coupons to the cashier. I also like to have a copy of the coupon policy handy with me because most cashier's don't know the HEB coupon policy. 

Also one of the things I do at the end of my shopping trips is grab one of these comment cards to let HEB know how my shopping experience was. Your cashier's will thank you when you tell HEB how their partner's are doing, plus you build a relationship with your favorite cashiers. Standing at the check out lane for 40 minutes scanning coupons is not easy for them so always thank them for being so patient with you as well as you be patient with them

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  1. Thanks for the run down! I've been following you on IG for quite a while now and love how you've mastered couponing at heb. I'm a newbie at this and have not quite figured out how to coupon food items, so I'm extremely grateful for the info! I love shopping at HEB,too, and am looking forward to using your tips there. Thanks again!

  2. On your scenario for Halloween candy,i see you suggest to use a manufactured coupon with a HEB Coupon. .I'm a little confused, plz advice. I have on hand a printed $3 off the purchase on $8 or more in Halloween candy and a manufactured coupon.

    1. Sorry about late response Erika. The HEB coupon is a basket coupon which means you are allowed to use with manufacturer's coupons as long as you are using 1 coupon per item including the basket coupon. For example, 3 candies, use 2 manufacturer's coupons for 2 items and 1 HEB B savings coupon.

  3. Can you share some website for coupons?
    I have baby I need a lot of diapers? I will apreciate

    1. Sunny, here is a list of all baby printable coupons.

  4. thanks for information

  5. Does this mean I can use Walgreen coupons at HEB? Or no? Where do I get a copy of the policy? Thanks

    1. Rose, if the Manufacturer's coupon says "Available at Walgreens" or "Redeemable at Walgreens" then you can use at HEB as long as it is a Manufacturer coupon and not a Walgreens coupon. Walgreens coupons are found inside coupon book by the weekly ad as you enter store.

  6. Hi mellisa I have Catalina's from heb does that mean I can use them at Walgreens?

    1. Hi, if it says manufacturer coupon on top with expiration date then yes. If it has the Walgreens logo you can still use at HEB.

  7. Hello Melissa!
    I follow you on IG & come here to read up often to answer questions I may have. So this evening I had a bad experience at my local HEB.
    Manager did not allow me to use my catalina with mfq's coupons. This was after the cashier scanned my catalina. I had them cancel my transaction but now wondering if it will go through when I try tomorrow even though it's been scanned?

    1. following. I would like to know that answer to that.

  8. I am a part time checker and im very lenient if the customer is nice.

  9. If I have a $10 off of $30 p&g catalina, does the $30 have to be, before or after coupons?