Tuesday, August 6, 2013

HEB Deals starting tommorow 8/7

This is a preview of HEB's weekly deal starting tommorow. 

Similac Milk buy formula get free gallon of water. 
If you get these checks in the mail you can use them on this combo deal and get milk and water FREE!

use this coupon for this deal-
All $.75/1 liquid, powder or mighty pacs laundry detergent 24 loads+ (9/8)
prices vary from store and region. 

I love meal deals at HEB. Here's a back to school meal with over $6.51 of FREE products when you buy a Ham or Cheese. 
Coupons for Oscar Mayer and Kraft Singles are rare. 
Still a good deal!

use this coupon on Gorton's Fish Sticks (when you buy two) and get FREE 6pk Sunny Delight. 
Perfect for Back to School drinks. 

use this coupon on this deal to double save!
came out on paper two Sunday's ago. 

A catalina deal is back!
Purchase any of these products in $30+ and get a $10 catalina printed after you pay for future use. 
I love these promotions because I can double or triple save when using coupons to stretch my pennies even more. 
Here's a cool deal as an example:

Buy 3pks. Scott Toilet Tissue $5.97ea. and 3pks Scott Paper Towels $5.97ea. 
$35.86 before coupons so this qualifies for you to get a $10 catalina printed after you pay. 
Use 6-$1 HEB Yellow Coupons
After coupon price $29.82 is what you will pay and then you will get your $10 catalina (prints with receipt)
That's like paying $3.30 for each package of Paper Towels and Toilet Paper. 
That lasts me about 2 months. 

You can always combine the products around to get to a total of $30 and then either use newspaper, printable or HEB coupons to get a good deal. 
I will be posting throughout the week for awesome deals. 
If you get some let me know. 

This Suavitel deal also qualifies for the Catalina deal, so if you don't need alot of paper towels or toilet paper combine this deal. Add the soap to your deal and then minus it after all coupons you have. 

Use Huggies Diapers and Wipes coupons from www.coupons.com to get even more savings with this catalina deal. 
Other coupons for most deals you can find from your newspaper or online or HEB. 

This Backpack Deal is still going on. 
Last week I got two backpacks at $5ea and got double of the freebies. 
Plus I had a $5 coupon that printed in one of my last transactions at HEB off any $10 school supplies, 
so I paid $5 for two backpacks and double of the free stuff at $5!
If you don't need backpack you can donate to charity. 

As always, check your coupon policy at HEB and don't forget to make your list before you go to HEB and have your coupons ready!

Follow me and comment or please don't hesitate to ask me anything. 

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