Wednesday, October 22, 2014

HEB $12 worth of Halloween Snacks, Fruit, Salty Snacks, and more plus scenario deals

HEB has sent out $12 worth of printable coupons you can use in-store!
Check your emails if you are subscribed at
If you did not receive the email you can print all coupons here. 
The best part is you can use these printable basket savings coupons with combo deals or manufacturer's coupons as long as you are using 1 coupon per item as stated in HEB policy.
See below for a couple of scenario deals you can do using these printable coupons. 

Buy 6 HEB Thin Potato Chips 3 for $5
Total $10
Pay $8 for all 6 bags or $1.33ea.

Buy 6 HEB Sweet & Salty Granola Bars 2 for $3
Total $9
Pay $7 for all 6 boxes or $1.17ea.

Buy 6 HEB Cheese Puffs, Balls or Crunch Chips 3 for $5
Total $10
Pay $8 for all 6 bags or $1.33ea.
Mix and Match with these or other salty snack. ;)

Use (1) 
$2.00 off $7.00 or more in Frozen Appetizers for this combo deal at HEB.
Don't forget to use the in-store coupon as well.
Must total $7+ worth of Frozen Appetizers.

Buy 5 HEB Flavored Tortilla Chips, assorted varieties $1.98ea. 
Total $9.90
Use (5) Buy HEB Flavored Tortilla Chips get Free HEB Soft Drink, assorted varieties
Pay $7.90 for all 10 items or $.79ea. 

Buy 1 3lb. bag of Granny Smith Apples $3.67ea. 
Pay $1.67ea. 

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